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Happy Valentine's Day! Are you ready for some romance? If so, you've come to the right place!

Among us, Janice, Michelle and Darlene have eight romance novels to make you laugh, cry, smile and sigh! The books all feature women you'd like to be friends with, and hunky heroes you'd like to be more than friends with!

InD'Tale Magazine says this about Deluca's heroes in her novels Something Good and Her Greatest Risk:
"Deluca does a particularly great job creating a McDreamy-worthy main male character whose patience and tenderness evoke sigh after I-wish-he-was-mine sigh . . ." and "Michael is the kind of character book boyfriends are made of."

The Kindle Book Review says this about Caleb is Grey's debut romantic suspense Dangerous Ally:
"The hero of the piece, the love interest is Caleb Mansfield, who is the quintessential hunk of a bloke, intelligent, caring, manly, strong..(sorry, drooled a little there!)"

Meanwhile, another Amazon reviewer is drooling over Richards' characters in Danger: Curves Ahead: "Fun sassy classy gals. And hot guys who are real heroes!"

From sweet to steamy, the Three Writers of Romance have just what you're in the mood for this Valentine's Day! And whether you're set for a night on the town with your main squeeze or a quiet night at home with a good book and your favorite beverage – enjoy!

Visit our home page for descriptions and links to all our books!

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I'm going to repeat that -- A new book is a happy thing! That's true whether you're anticipating the arrival of an Amazon package at your front door, whether you're at the check-out line in a local bookstore, whether you're curled up on your favorite chair about ready to open a book for the first time, or, in my case today, releasing a new book that you've spent hours and hours writing and editing!
Hello, friends! Darlene here. It's release weekend for my newest contemporary romance, Her Greatest Risk!
It's the story of Michael and Jennifer -- they click, clash and compromise . . . but can they commit?
Her's more:

Clashing over the fate of a historic building, Jennifer Aukland and Michael Reynolds are on course to become adversaries. She’s an architect devoted to green building and restoration. He’s a developer hell-bent on ripping down the old hotel she’s racing to save to make way for a new casino.

Chemistry leads to compromise, and for a time, they’re on the same team. Jennifer adds Michael – and marriage – to her safe and steady plan for the future. But when Michael throws caution aside and lands in a life-threatening situation, Jennifer’s world comes crashing down. In her family, she’s learned that recklessness leads to tragedy. She must decide if she can commit her life to someone who takes unnecessary risks with his. Will she take control of her own destiny, even if it means leaving Michael behind? Or will she risk everything for love?

I've published the novel under Amazon's KDP Select Program, which means for at least 90 days, it's available only on Amazon. For a chance to win a signed paperback copy, visit Goodreads Giveaways through Sept. 30. Enjoy!

<![CDATA[Happy Spring to all!]]>Wed, 15 Apr 2015 02:24:52 GMThttp://www.threewritersofromance.com/just-sayinthree-writers-blog/happy-spring-to-all
Hooray! It's finally spring! The April showers have arrived, but so have the gorgeous flowering trees! So far, it's a great year for the Redbuds and flowering Crabs in our area. From my chair where I work, I can see my neighbor's bright pink crabapple, and a little grove of daffodils and tulips. Oh, and I'm wearing sandals. That's the real sign of spring -- getting out of those stuffy socks and boots. The winter coat is history for a good six months. That alone puts a smile on my face! Next up: book and iced tea on patio . . . can't wait! Happy spring, everyone! Hope you have time to stop and enjoy it!

-- Darlene
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Hello, everyone!
Happy weekend, and happy Valentine's Day from the Three Writers of Romance!

Wishing you lots of smiles, hugs, and kisses from all the ones you love!

Hold hands, eat chocolate, smell the roses, and if you have some spare time, it's a great day to curl up and read a romance!


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Hello, everyone! Darlene here! So excited to share the big news -- Second Wind is now available in both digital and paperback formats! It's book two in my Women of Whitfield series about a group of longtime friends and their lives in a small, fictional town in Kansas. There's a big dose of friendship, some drama, a little family angst, and a dash of romance -- women's fiction at its best!
I'm celebrating the release on my Facebook Author Page. Be sure to stop by for excerpts, info and giveaways! The more you like/comment/share, the better your chances of winning a copy of the book!


Here's the cover blurb:
When a devastating tornado rips through the small town of Whitfield, Dana Gerard’s home is reduced to rubble and her well-ordered life to chaos. In the wake of the disaster, she finds herself in financial straits and confronted by challenges that test her limits.

With support from longtime friends, Dana begins the daunting task of rebuilding, but that’s not her only worry, and may be the least of her concerns. Change greets her from all directions – at work and within her own family. At a crossroads, Dana is forced to see her life with a new vision and to trust the one person she’s determined to push away.

Click here to purchase your copy of Second Wind!

Happy reading!

<![CDATA[Drum roll, please . . . here it is!]]>Sun, 21 Dec 2014 20:56:40 GMThttp://www.threewritersofromance.com/just-sayinthree-writers-blog/drum-roll-please-here-it-isPicture
Hello, everyone! Darlene here.
So excited to reveal the cover for "Second Wind," my soon-to-be-released women's fiction novel. It's book two in my Women of Whitfield trilogy that follows a group of longtime, I've-got-your-back girlfriends through the ups and downs of life in the small town of Whitfield.

These women raise kids, juggle careers and family, run community organizations, live, laugh and love. They're introduced in "The Storm Within," which is the story of Claire following the death or her son and the demise of her marriage.

"Second Wind" focuses on Dana, and her struggle to rebuild her home and life after a devastating tornado rips through the town.
Come to Whitfield, and make some new friends! "Second Wind" releases Jan. 10, 2015.

Book One, "The Storm Within," is available now in digital or paperback formats. Read outstanding reviews and a sneak peek at Amazon.

<![CDATA[Sneak Peek!]]>Fri, 19 Dec 2014 17:05:57 GMThttp://www.threewritersofromance.com/just-sayinthree-writers-blog/sneak-peekHello, dear readers! Hope everyone is having a festive holiday season. I wish I could say I have a Christmas present for you, but it's going to be just shy of the Dec. 25 date! But when you're ready to load up that Kindle or spend some Christmas cash, I'll be ready. On Jan. 10, "Second Wind," Book Two in my Women of Whitfield women's fiction series launches! Second Wind focuses on Dana, one of the three longtime friends featured in the trilogy, as she faces change and challenges when a tornado destroys her home, her youngest child boomerangs home, and there's drama at work!
I'm sharing short excerpts on my Facebook Author Page this week, and will reveal the cover on Sunday. Hope you'll stop back by!

Here's a short excerpt:

Her father pushed the notepad toward her. She took his hand again, and read the note. Do you need money? Tears blurred her vision before she could finish. Her dad would give her all that he had, she knew that. Trouble was, he didn’t have all that much. After Dana’s mother and sister had died six years ago, her father had let the farm go. He was a good farmer, but he’d lost his focus and energy. The accident and then a couple of rough patches when the weather hadn’t cooperated had done him in. When the stroke left him disabled, the farm had already been mortgaged.

So far, they’d managed to hold onto the land, but someone else was farming it. Their share of the farming proceeds was strictly earmarked for his care. Dana refused to touch any of it. It cost a lot of money to stay at the manor, and he’d been there less than two years. What if he were there for another ten? Or more? She couldn’t bear the thought of lowering costs by lowering his quality of life or care.

Dana shook her head. “No, Daddy. I don’t need any money.” But as soon as the words left her mouth, her lips trembled. It was a lie, and she knew he’d see right through it. When didn’t she need money? Two words from Kent Donovan echoed in her head. Not enough. Not enough. Before she could stop them, tears rolled down her cheeks, and her shoulders shook.

She turned, but her father’s good arm shot out and stopped her, pulling her toward him. Her eyes met his, and like a little girl, Dana crumpled onto the oversized chair and cried against her father’s shoulder, releasing the frustration and exhaustion of the past three days. So much loss.


<![CDATA[Read a Story . . . Find a Friend]]>Tue, 09 Dec 2014 17:45:10 GMThttp://www.threewritersofromance.com/just-sayinthree-writers-blog/read-a-story-find-a-friendPicture

Hello, everyone! Thanks for stopping by today. Darlene here. I was a guest on a women’s radio talk show this week (Plaid For Women), and the host asked me a question that made me think, and that I’d like to share. “What’s the most important thing you want people to remember about your books?”

My answer is that I want readers to know that when they open a Darlene Deluca novel, they’re going to find characters they can relate to  – people they could be friends with in real life.

My books, regardless of whether they are straight women’s fiction or romance, are primarily about women, and for women. There’s often a friendship theme, but there are also situations and stories relating to women’s careers, parenting, home and family – issues of interest to women.

“Meetings of Chance” features sisters as friends. In “The Storm Within,” the main character deals with death and divorce, and it’s the love and support of her friends that get her though the dark times. In “Unexpected Legacy,” the heroine is a go-getter high school principal. You can imagine all the issues she deals with, and when love comes knocking, career and personal life are at odds. My most recent novel, “Something Good,” is a contemporary romance, but again, it’s not just about finding romantic love. It focuses on Mandi’s concern for others, her generosity, and her friendships. It’s about digging deep, as women often do, to overcome struggles and keep going even when times are tough.

My characters are well-rounded women who juggle careers and personal issues, and find love whether it’s through romance or solid I’ve-got-your-back girlfriends. Like I said, the kind of women you’d want to be friends with!

By the way, the next book in the Women of Whitfield trilogy, which features a group of friends in the small fictitious town of Whitfield, will release Jan. 10, 2015. The story focuses on Dana, and includes Mary and Claire from “The Storm Within.” A great place to find a friend!

Click HERE for the interview.

Click HERE to find the books on Amazon

<![CDATA[It Takes A Village]]>Thu, 04 Dec 2014 15:49:32 GMThttp://www.threewritersofromance.com/just-sayinthree-writers-blog/it-takes-a-villagePicture
Hello, friends! Darlene here with a few thoughts on partnering and supporting each other. I’m sure you’ve all heard the phrase “It Takes A Village” in reference to raising kids. Over the past couple of weeks, I've had the opportunity to network with some bloggers, critique a fellow author’s newest chapters, offer advice to someone on a Facebook group feed, and help another author set up her Author pages on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.

And it occurred to me that it takes a village to grow an author, too. Writing can be a lonely and solitary endeavor. A writer spends so much time alone with nothing but her thoughts and a computer. When I’m deep into a book and really working on plot and characters, I like the quietness of being alone. I need that to really focus.

But I also find that I need the encouragement and stimulation of working with other authors and readers to stay energized. Networking and connecting with others can give me perspective, a sense of being grounded or on track. I need to hear what other authors are doing. I need feedback on my work from readers and critique partners. I enjoy the camaraderie of “being in this together.” Without that, I can easily start feeling lost, like I’m simply flailing around with no direction, no mile markers.

I belong to several writers’ groups, and have been surprised to find so many authors in the same place – many of us struggling with the same issues. I’ve been fortunate to find people who are welcoming, and friendly, ready to share their knowledge and experiences. Seems to me that we all benefit from sharing with each other – marketing efforts that worked or didn’t, tips and tricks for promotions, etc. I met an author in one group, and within a couple of months, we were sharing posts on each other’s websites. Through her, I joined another group, and met other authors. I was able to be of assistance to a new acquaintance, and through her, I now have a reader/author event for next month. That’s the power of connection.

Some of it is just plain paying it forward. Lend a hand now, maybe one will be there for me when I need it. But it’s also fun, and gives me an opportunity in a small way to feel as if I’m making progress. After all, if I know how to do something and can help someone else, that means I’m not the newest of newbies anymore, right? I’ve got some experiences under my belt. And through those, I’ve learned a thing or two. Sharing with others gives me encouragement as well as a sense of accomplishment! :-)

<![CDATA[Oh, families! A Thanksgiving to remember . . .]]>Mon, 24 Nov 2014 17:48:40 GMThttp://www.threewritersofromance.com/just-sayinthree-writers-blog/oh-families-a-thanksgiving-to-rememberPicture
Hello, everyone! Darlene here. In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday this week, thought I'd share a Thanksgiving scene from my first novel, a contemporary fiction with romantic elements, "Unexpected Legacy."
It's a holiday that Matt and his son, Brady, will never forget.

p.s.: I've removed an expletive for the sample, but the real word is in the book. Teenage boys . . .

Chapter Twenty-Two

Matt had little time to obsess over Kate in the busy week before the Thanksgiving holiday. Several jobs needed finishing up before the office and plant could shut down for four days, and that meant rushing a couple of things through, and some extra hours for him.

It was just as well. Keeping busy kept him focused. For him, four days off meant too much time on his hands. The only thing on his agenda, other than Thanksgiving dinner at his parents’ house, was helping his dad with a couple of projects at the lake house. Brady would be spending the holiday with Don and Helen in Freeburg. It’d be the longest separation for them since Brady’d moved in with Matt in June.

They set out Wednesday evening, grabbing a quick dinner on the road. Matt planned to drop Brady off then turn around and head straight back to Linden.

“Your grandma is so excited about seeing you, she was practically giddy on the phone last night,” Matt commented as they neared the city limits of Freeburg. Brady’d gone silent for last half-hour. “She said several people have asked about you. Think you’ll get in touch with some of your old friends?”


Matt sighed. “That seems really strange to me, Brady. Isn’t there anyone you’d like to see?”


“Well, you might have a boring four days.”

“It’ll be fine. I’ll play games with Grandpa or something.”

Matt turned the car into the Thompson’s driveway, braking hard as he saw an older model gold sedan already parked there.

“What the f-!” Brady hissed.

Matt swiveled. “What’s the matter?”

“What is she doing here?”

“Who?” Matt asked, his eyes darting around.

“That’s Josh’s mom’s car. I’m not going in there. I don’t want to see her.”

Matt glanced up at the house and saw the front door open.

“Back up, Dad. Come on. Let’s go.”

“Brady. We’re already here. Your grandma’s seen us.” He put his hand on Brady’s shoulder. “Take it easy, okay? Let’s find out what’s going on. By the way, I hope you’re not planning to use that language around your grandparents.”

Matt opened his car door and retrieved Brady’s suitcase and crutches from the back seat as Helen stepped onto the porch, waving. For a moment, he wondered if he should go in and warn them that Brady was uncomfortable about the guest.

Finally the passenger door opened, and Brady climbed out, slowly making his way to the house.

“Bradyyyyyy,” Helen squealed.

Matt looked up to see her pull Brady into a hug. Smiling, he pushed the door shut. The kid really did have a lot of people who loved him. Matt climbed the stairs and gave Helen a peck on the cheek then went inside, intending to shake hands with Don. Instead, he stopped short. A rail-thin woman stood in the center of the living room wringing her hands, and staring at Brady.

“Brady, did you say hello to Mrs. Merchant?” Helen turned to Matt. “Matt, this is Joan Merchant.”

He set down Brady’s things and turned to the woman. She held out a limp hand, and Matt took it, the cold a sharp contrast to his own. He looked at his son, whose face had gone white.

The woman took a step forward, her watery eyes on Brady. “It’s so good to see you, Brady. How are you? I’ve . . . I’ve missed seeing you. Do you like your new school? Your grandmother’s been tell–”

“Where’s grandpa?” Brady cut in, ignoring the questions.

Matt held his breath. He knew his son was being rude, but could he blame him? He hadn’t expected the woman to be there. Hadn’t prepared for it. Was this the first time he’d seen Josh’s mom since the accident?

 “She made you a chocolate cream pie – your favorite,” Helen continued in a sing-song voice.

Silence filled the air.

 “Well,” Mrs. Merchant said brightly, tears in her eyes. “I suppose it’s time for me to get home. I know your grandmother is anxious for some time with you, Brady. It’s nice to see you.” She nodded at Matt. “Good to meet you.”

Helen followed the woman outside, and Matt turned to Brady.

“What was that all about? You couldn’t have at least–”

“A pie? She made me a pie?” Brady shook his head. “Her kid gets me in a wreck, and she makes me a pie. That’s great.”

Helen stepped back inside, her face red. Aw, man. It looked to Matt like she was on the verge of crying, too.

“Brady, we’re not going to be hateful to Josh’s mother,” Helen said, her voice shaking. “She’s been through a lot. She’s already lost her son, and she’s on the verge of losing her husband. Maybe her home. They’re talking about moving – if they even stay together.”

“Maybe they should.”

Matt heard Helen suck in her breath.

“Now, listen here, young man. This is not how I want to start our holiday. Mrs. Merchant is a friend, and I won’t have you talk that way. That poor woman is haunted every day.”

“Yeah, well so am I. So are a lot of people,” Brady said, his voice rising.

“Brady, come on,” Matt intervened. “Let’s keep it together. Your grand–”

Brady rounded on him. “We told him not to drive, Dad. He thought he was smarter than everybody else. Said he wasn’t drunk and he could handle it. We practically begged him to let me or Garrett drive. You know what he said?” Brady was yelling now. “Get this. He said his parents would kill him if he let someone else drive the goddamned car!”

Groaning inside, Matt reached out to his son, resting a hand on his shoulder.

“Brady, let’s go outside for a minute.”

He turned away. “It’s cold outside.”

“Yeah, I know. You can cool off a little.”

He put his other hand on Brady’s shoulder and propelled him toward the door.

Brady sank onto a bench on the porch, his head in his hands. Matt leaned against the railing.

“He was my best friend,” Brady choked. “My best friend did this to me. Some friend, huh? Some fucking friend.”

“You know, Brady, at some point you’re going to have to forgive him. He screwed up. And he paid for it. Paid even more than you have. That doesn’t excuse it. And don’t think there aren’t times when I’d like to punch the kid myself, but you have to move on, let some of this anger go.”

“Why didn’t she tell him to let someone else drive if he was drunk, huh?”

“Probably because he wasn’t supposed to be drunk. He used poor judgment. That’s the whole point. When you’re drunk, you can’t make good decisions. You’re not thinking straight.”

 “Yeah. I know. My whole life is about people getting drunk and doing dumb things.”

Matt winced, but kept silent.

“His stupid parents were just worried about that car. His dad was always telling him, ‘better take care of that car, boy.’ God, parents screw kids up more than they do any good.”

Matt forced himself to stay calm, to let Brady vent. This was obviously the source of some lingering pain and anger. He’d never heard any of this before.

“Listen, Brady, parents aren’t superheroes–”

Brady snorted. “Tell me something I don’t know.”

Sitting down, Matt took Brady’s arm. Part of him wanted to shake the kid. Another part wanted to pull him into a hard hug. He did neither. “Listen to me, your life hasn’t even begun yet. You’re seventeen years old. Seventeen. You’ve got your whole life ahead of you. You’ve had some shitty luck, I’ll give you that. But so have a lot of people. Don’t let it define who you are. Don’t let it keep you from being the person you want to be. You get to decide that.”

He felt a tremor run through Brady’s body and watched his other arm swipe at his eyes.

Matt’s tone softened as he moved even closer to his son’s face. “Brady, I know you miss Josh, and it hurts to be mad at him. Some really important people you’ve trusted have let you down. I can’t promise you it won’t ever happen again, but I can promise you’ll be stronger every time you pick yourself up off the ground and go at it again.”

Brady looked away, but Matt kept talking, his voice sure and steady. “And I promise to do everything I can to be there for you. I love you. Got that?”

Brady’s eyes flickered down and Matt threw his arm around his son’s shoulder and pulled him close. Brady’s body shook as the boy finally released the pent-up emotion and frustration he’d been holding in for months.

For the first time, Matt felt his son’s arms around him, and his heart swelled. Brady clung to him, his head buried in Matt’s shoulder, his fists clenching his shirt.

“You’re gonna be okay,” Matt told him. “You’ve been given a second chance. Don’t spend it being bitter and angry. You can be more than that.”

Brady hiccupped and sniffled a few moments before pulling back from Matt. He didn’t meet his eyes, but he nodded. Matt patted his back while they sat in silence until a chill wind swept around them, blowing leaves onto the porch.

“I don’t know about you,” Matt said, giving Brady’s shoulder a light punch. “But I think chocolate pie sounds pretty good.”

Click HERE to purchase your copy of "Unexpected Legacy."